Polio NSW began establishing a network of Support Groups throughout the state in 1992. One of the aims of Polio NSW is to provide a supportive framework of assistance for polio survivors and the creation of Support Groups is one of the strategies developed to help members.

There are Support Groups both in country regions and in metropolitan Sydney. Some smaller groups provide a valuable service to members through telephone support and by being the focus for enquiries about Polio NSW in the local community. Other larger groups in both regional and metropolitan areas are able to hold regular meetings for members, many holding quite informal gatherings, while others have a more structured format.

Polio NSW also has the position of Regional Representative which does not entail the responsibility of convening a Support Group. A Regional Representative is a reference person in the local community whose role is to promote the benefits of membership of Polio NSW and to advise people how to join.

Click here for a map of all NSW Support Groups and Regional Representatives

We currently have Conveners conducting Support Groups in the following country areas: Northern Rivers (Lismore and Ballina), Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, the Hunter region, Central Coast, Wollongong, Shoalhaven area, Nyngan, Wagga Wagga, Wellington, Griffith, the ACT, and Albury. Click here for more information about these Groups.

In the Sydney metropolitan area, there are Support Groups in the Northern Beaches, Hills District, Nepean, Bankstown, Canterbury/Marrickville, Inner West, and Sutherland. Click here for more information about these Groups.

Membership of a Support Group puts you in contact with people who share similar problems and experiences. Members provide assistance to one another through their shared polio history. Each individual brings a range of strategies which they have developed to assist them cope with the challenges of everyday living. The sharing of these resources can assist all members of the group. Some members may wish to take a more active role in the operation of the group by accepting responsibility for assisting the Convener with specific tasks. Membership of a Support Group will enable you to develop new friendships, provide a supportive circle of Polio NSW members to help you cope with the late effects of polio, and give individuals the opportunity of taking a more active approach to living with polio.

To join a Support Group or become a Regional Representative you should fill in a Membership Application Form and become a financial member of Polio NSW. Please tick the appropriate box on the application form and, to help us quickly process your request, please also complete this Questionnaire and return it with your membership application.

If there is not a Support Group in your area and you are interested in convening one, or you would like to be a Regional Representative, please contact Polio NSW. Detailed guidelines and personal assistance will be provided to any person who is willing to be a Convener or Regional Representative for the benefit of Polio NSW members.