This is the first of two presentations given by Dr Peter Nolan to Polio NSW members on Saturday, 8 December 2012, at Burwood, following our 24th Annual General Meeting. There are two videos below – the first is the presentation itself, and the second is the following Question and Answer session. The slides accompanying Dr Nolan’s presentation are also available below, in PDF format.

The Post-Polio Syndrome – An Orphan Disease    Length: 1 hour 6 mins 11 secs

  The Poliomyelitis Story: Introduction  (1.3 MB)
  The Poliomyelitis Story: Chapter One – Acute Poliomyelitis  (3.8 MB)
  The Poliomyelitis Story: Chapter Two – PPS, An Orphan Disease  (1.2 MB)
  The Poliomyelitis Story: Chapter Three – Service Provision  (2.0 MB)

The Post-Polio Syndrome – An Orphan Disease – Q&A Session    Length: 22 mins 37 secs

  The Poliomyelitis Story: Chapter Six – The Problem of Exercise  (1.2 MB)
  The Poliomyelitis Story: Chapter Seven – Chronic Fatigue  (0.4 MB)

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